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Family tours with Nekuda Kafrit: Once a month on friday we are hosting families for an authentic oriented tours inside our farm. The tours includes fun and educating activities for kids and their parents. Each tour is about 3 hours, each family and their own world. *Tours includes authentic village launch. *Tours starts at 9:00 and 13:00.

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To reserve your spot please pick a date from the calendar or give us a call and we will gladly book it for you

possible dates: 

24.8.2018, 27.8.2018, 29.8.2018, 25.9.2018, 26.9.2018

*Payment upon arrival only- 40 Shekel per guest over the age of two

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family Friday's Day

*All of the activities areas are shaded
*There are huge fans to help us with the heat
*Each activity is about 30 minutes long

9:00 / 12:30


We will start our tour by enjoying an organic herbal tea from the farm’s making. On the hot days we will enjoy an organic and refreshing lemonade. After a short brief we will be heading to our first activity guided by our professional instructor.

9:00 / 12:30
9:30 / 13:00

1st Station: Bee Hive

We will visit the hive and learn all about the bee world! The honey, the bees, life in the hive and many more. The kids will even take the honey right off the the hive! Finally, the kids will play the farm’s bee game – fun group activity.

9:30 / 13:00
10:00 / 13:30

2nd Station: Olive Press

The kids will harvest their own olives to press on the pressing stone! Our instructors will teach them in a fun way how to whole procedure is done – from the harvesting to making the olive itself!

10:00 / 13:30
10:30 / 14:00

3rd Station: Our Farm Animals

In the farm we take care of donkeys, sheeps. goats, chickens, ducks and many more. All the animals are pet-able and feed-able with food we will provide. The kids will also visit the chicken coop, learn about the chicken and even collect our “freedom eggs” from the coop.

10:30 / 14:00
11:00 / 14:30

4th Station: Gardening

We will take a tour in the greenhouse, flowerbeds, learn about organic gardening, growing techniques and more. If possible – we will practice farm tasks such as hoeing, sowing, planting and all the other agricultural work.
11:00 / 14:30
11:30 / 15:00

Last Station: Authentic Farm Lunch

We will make ‘pita’ on the tabun, Fresh arabic salad, fresh omelette with herbs, dip in cream cheese with olive oil and hyssop. We will sit in Abraham’s tent and enjoy the food we make. There will be a selling of the farms product at the end- olive oil, honey, herbs and more.
11:30 / 15:00


We are having open days and special activities, be sure to like our page and be updated on all the events.

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Derech HaZaiyt 18
Ben Shemen
(Huge parking, 5 minutes from Modi'in)

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